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Stolp Starduster Too

Stolp Starduster Too

Okay today, let’s look at the Stolp Starduster Too SA300 named “too” because there are two seats. Yep, the 1st hard 1 seat, the 2nd version built with two seats. So now you and I can both go flying, too. 

It’s a kit-built aircraft, home build by the company Aircraft Spruce, if you want to buy the kits, it is going to set you back. $16,700 but that is without an engine, so you’re gonna want to put an engine in it. It is good for some light aerobatics, it’s actually rated for plus or minus 6G. It’ll do 130mph  in the cruise with a top speed of about 170mph. It will hold about 44 gallons of fuel giving you a range of 560 miles. 

It’s a gorgeous looking aircraft. If you love biplanes and you want to pull some stunts and some lights, aerobatics then this is a great aircraft. You can buy one on the second-hand market. Looking through our database of sales on the worldwide market, Stardust too’s have been going for around about $24,000 up to about $35,000. So if you’re not interested in putting in the 2000 approximate hours to build the kit, because let’s face it, who’s got time for that?! We would rather just be flying. Okay, I get it. Some people want to save some money, and yes it’s also fun to get greasy and build it. So if you want to save some money and get a brand new aircraft for $16,700 and put your own Lycoming engine into it, or maybe one of Ford V8s, then you can. 

Looking at the review on by Budd Davisson, opinion is that construction isn’t much more complicated than that of an average home build, there’s just more of it! So what you end up with is a home build that is nearly a production sized project and not one to be tackled about lots of space and determination. It took him 26 months to finish 

Some stats, this is based on the standard Lycoming O-360 180 brake horsepower engine.

Which means you’re gonna get a maximum speed of about 180MPH or 116Kts. Cruise speed of ~130 mph, 116Kts. A stall speed of 56mph or 49Kts. A service sealing off 23,000ft, if you dare go that high in an open cockpit, you might want to invest in a sheepskin flight Jackie and silk scarf, sold separately I’m afraid. 

Okay, that’s it for the Stolp Stardust Too!. Lovely aircraft, 

If you are in the market for a biplane or aerobatic plane check out 

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