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Socata TB Series costs and info

Socata TB Series costs and info

Today we’re looking at an aircraft from the French who have a passion for the Caribbean. Socata that is a French name but it sounds pretty Japanese to me. If you have been looking for Socata for sale you might know there are some Socata Trinidads and some Tobagos, so obviously the TB must stand for Trinidad Tobago right? Well you’d be wrong. Actually it stands for Tarbes which is the French city where the aircraft is manufactured, there’s some aviation pop quiz knowledge for you. It does seem that the manufacturing company has some kind of love affair with the Caribbean because yep they’re named a couple of the variants Trinidad and Tobago this is why the aircraft have become known as the “Caribbean planes”. 

They’re obviously single-engine light aircraft designed for recreational civilian use as well as training because of their generally decent and forgiving flight characteristics, particularly the TB-200 model which was specifically produced to meet the varied requirements of trainer aircraft because of its easy to handle flight characteristics, handling and vice-free flying altitude and being able to recover easily from your typical stall. Also, they are quite widely used for instrument training. All variants apart from the TB-9 have a constant speed propeller. The cockpit is quite well ergonomically laid, and one of the biggest selling points of this aircraft is the amount of room that you get in the cabin especially for an aircraft of this class and size.

This is because the fuselage is rounded out over the wings which give more room but because it’s wider there is a trade-off with performance giving you less speed for an aircraft of this size, but for your more heavy set pilots looking for a bit more room, this could be the aircraft for you. It’s got four seats for your typical family holiday, and to be honest with you, I actually think the aircraft looks pretty sleek. So having this extra room in it is a big bonus. I think the aircraft looks nice. It looks sleek handles well and also has plenty of room in it with an ergonomically designed cockpit. What more can you ask for? You know I’m going to say… more power which did actually come with the TB 200 series with. That’s right 200 horsepower from a  Lycoming IO-360A1B6 piston engine. So all of the TB series share the same basic fuselage and interior configuration but there are differences most notably around having bigger engines for more power, some have retractable undercarriage for more speed and some have different propeller configurations with the optional three-blade propeller which give better ground clearance and a quieter cabin.

The first Socata version the T-9 Tampico was designed in the 1980s. During the 1990s the upgrades brought us the TB-20 Trinidad and then in the year 2000 plus the TB series went under more modernization. Generation Two of each of these variants is reflected in the “GT” letters which stand for generation two. The GT versions featured an even bigger cabin for your even bigger heavy set pilots, various aerodynamic improvements. Most notably the differences between the first and second generation are redesigned wingtips the wingtips are rounder on the older models and the shape of the vertical stabilizer is curved on the lower front of the generation two models the rear windows were also redesigned to blend more into the fuselage and the GT generation gave you the option of that three-bladed propeller for better ground clearance and better cabin noise. So the series starts out with a Socata TB-9 Tampico and then the Socata TB Tobago and then we have a TB-11, TB-15, TB-16 and then the well-known Socata TB-20 Trinidad. Then we then move on to the TB-21 Trinidad and we have a TB-30 Epsilon and a TB-30 Omega. 

Also included in the series is the TB-200 trainer aircraft with the 200 horsepower engine. And if you want the most beastly souped-up version of this aircraft you want to check out the TB-31 Omega which has up to 483 horsepower, so that’ll certainly get you places at speed and in comfort. 

If you fly or own a Socata TB series of aircraft and is anything that I’ve missed out of this blog that you want to discuss in the comments feel free. I know there’s probably a lot more to talk about with this aircraft. I actually do really like the aircraft and if you want to purchase one there’s plenty of Socata TB for sale judging by our database and website, click here for a Socata search The prices are going to vary completely dependent on how old the Socata for sale is. You can pick some up for anywhere between 50,000 or 200,000 pounds or dollars depending on your currency and place in the world.

If you do want to browse the second-hand market to see what Socata aircraft are for sale near you go to You can use the region search there and quite easily just put in a radius which will give you everything that’s for sale around you. You can search by price you can search by category of aircraft you can search for parts and things like that.

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The UK is lifting the lockdown for the coronavirus allowing recreational pilots to go out solo again. I know I’m going to get myself back up into the air. I hope you guys do too happy flying.

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