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Cirrus SR22 Cost, Info and plenty for sale

Cirrus SR22 Cost, Info and plenty for sale

Okay, let’s take a look at the Cirrus SR22 (no relation to the SR-71 Blackbird). The Cirrus SR22 is a single engine, four or five seat composite aircraft from the Cirrus manufacture, Minnesota. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to fly one of these and there are plenty of Cirrus SR22 for sale! Notable for a couple of reasons. 

  1. It’s got Lamborghini suicide doors. How cool is that!
  2. It was one of the first aircraft to incorporate the whole plane emergency recovery parachute system. They call it Cirrus Airframe Parachute System CAPS. 

Yes, that’s right, now you too can land in somebody’s garden. If you get into a spot of bother, just pull that parachute out and the aircraft is gonna land directly below it. You have no control over that, and, you might make the headlines. 

The SR20 came before it and the SR22 brings a larger wing, bigger fuel capacity and more power,  310 horsepower. This incredible aircraft has been the world’s best selling general aviation aircraft every year since 2003 with 6149 units delivered. Where do people get their money from? This aircraft is going to set you back at least half a $1,000,000 even up to $800,000 for some of the new kitted out versions, although you can get someone the second-hand market, judging by our database for around about $200,000+, just search for “Cirrus SR22 for sale”. I guess a lot of people do have the money for it because it is amongst the most produced aircraft of the 21st century, and because of that there are plenty of Cirrus SR22 for sale worldwide.

So we know it’s got an entire aircraft recovery parachute system installed. Let’s have a look at its safety rating. Back in 2011 the Aviation Consumer Magazine did a study and found that this Cirrus’s overall accident record is better than average for light aircraft, exceeded only by the Diamond DA40 DA42, another beautiful aircraft, however, and this is the interesting bit…. The fatal accident rate was actually worse at 1.6 per 100,000 flight hours, which puts it higher than the United States General aviation rates of 1.2. How can this be if it’s got this safety parachute system? Let’s have a think… Maybe that includes the fatalities off people barbecuing in their garden as the plane lands on top of them. I’m not sure let’s dig a bit further. So it seemed the answer lied in better training, particularly around the use of this ballistic parachute system. By the end of 2013 the accident rate had reduced the fatality rates to 1.1 so less than the United States General aviation rate of 1.2. Better training certainly helped. By 2014 the fatality rate was 0.42 per 100,000 flight hours, which is one of the industry’s lowest. So there we go training, training, training. 

Let’s take a look at some specifications and find out exactly how fast this Lamborghinis suicide door bad boy really is. Anything from generation 1 to generation 4 was a 4 seat cabin, but after generation 5 they introduced the standard five seat cabin. So now you can take your third child onto those family vacations! 

Gross weight. You’re looking at 3600Ib or 1600Kg. Fuel capacity. 92 gallons or 348 litres. You’ve got your 310 horsepower engine, three blade propeller, cruise speed of 183knots, which is 211mph. You’re looking at stall speed of 60 knots or 69mph. You’re going to get about 1000 nautical miles range out of it. Service ceiling 17,500 ft. Climb rate of 1270 feet per minute. 

Okay, let’s take a look at some different variants and development over time. The SR22 is an upgrade from the SR20 was certified in November 2000. It brought a more powerful engine, larger wing on and more fuel capacity. It was also quite unique in its class to bring the side stick flight controls rather than a traditional yoke. Also, of course, the parachute system. 

Then in 2004 for it was time for generation 2, with some slight tweaks and airframe modifications. 

Then, in 2006 they thought, “what the heck let’s slap a turbo on it”. So we ended up with the SR22 Turbo, a factory installed Tornado Alley turbonormalizing upgrade kit. I like the sound of that! This boost the maximum cruise speed to 211 knots (391 km/h), and a top speed of 219 knots (406 km/h) and an improved service ceiling of 25,000 feet. 

2013 brought generation 5. With that extra fifth seat and an increased weight of 1600Kg, or 3600Ib. 

In 2016 we got Bluetooth, Bluetooth wireless connectivity brilliant, and remote keyless entry. 

In 2017 it was time for a few extra major upgrades to the avionics and, navigation lights and in 2019 we got a training variant of the SR22 TRAC. Like your standard taxi, it had better more durable seats and a back seat radio for your back seat pilots. It also has a simulated retractable landing gear. So you’ve got the lever. But the gear doesn’t actually do anything. Which is, of course, handy, in case the student forgets to retract the undercarriage. 

In 2020 the aircraft got its very own mobile app, called the Cirrus IQ. This allows you to tinker at home much to your wife’s annoyance, where you can use your iPad or phone to check your pre-flight status information such as oxygen levels, battery voltage, oil temperature, and aircraft location in case you’ve got to that age and you can’t remember where you’ve left it. 

SR22’s pre 2003 were fitted with traditional analogue instruments, but in 2003 it was one of the first aircraft of its kind to offer a glass cockpit with the multifunctional display. I guess people like the multifunctional displays because it actually started quite a major transition in general aviation over to the multifunctional panels away from the more traditional analogue instruments. If you’ve got an older SR22 and you fancy the upgrade to the glass cockpit, then don’t worry that is an option. You can actually have it retrofit fitted. 

Final bit of history from me then, a young chap named Ryan Campbell at the age of 19 became the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world, using an SR22. He had an especially adapted SR22. He thought “hell with it, I haven’t got kids, let’s take those back seats out and put in a bigger fuel tank” which, of course, gave him greater range. This allowed him to become the youngest pilot to fly around the world solo a title, which he managed to hold on for almost a year!

So that’s the Cirrus SR22. If you’re looking Cirrus SR22 for sale go to It’s worldwide but focuses on the UK and the United States. Try our really easy location search. Or just click here

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