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All Aircraft for Sale Under 40 Grand

All Aircraft for Sale Under 40 Grand

Is aircraft ownership really only reserved for the rich? 

Actually it can be more affordable than you might first think.

Here are some aircraft you can pick up for less than 40K for sale today on the web. Great for hour building working towards your first job in aviation. 

Later in this blog, we will look at the Cessna 150 / 172, Piper Cherokee, Grumman American and the Sonex. 

The following information has been researched from multiple industry-leading websites to compile a database of almost 2000 aircraft on sale on the internet today.  

AircraftAverage Price £Average Price $
Cessna 172M skyhawk II£39,995$48,187
Piper Clipper£39,995$48,187
Piper PA-16 Clipper£39,995$48,187
Luscombe 8£35,000$42,169
BEECHCRAFT Sierra£31,540$38,000
Cessna 172F£29,880$36,000
PIPER J5A Cub Cruiser£29,050$35,000
PIPER PA-38 Tomahawk£29,050$35,000
CESSNA 172H£28,635$34,500
Urban Air Lambada UFM11£27,435$33,054
PIPER PA-28-140£26,975$32,500
PIPER J3C-65£26,145$31,500
PIPER PA28-140£26,145$31,500
BEECHCRAFT C35£25,730$31,000
Cessna 152£24,900$30,000
CESSNA A150k£24,900$30,000
BEECHCRAFT 77 Skipper£24,817$29,900
VANS RV-3£24,817$29,900
Super Cub£23,250$28,012
PIPER Tri-Pacer£22,410$27,000
CESSNA 150L£21,995$26,500
Cessna 150£21,580$26,000
PIPER Pacer£21,580$26,000
PIPER J3£21,165$25,500
BEECHCRAFT 35 Bonanza£20,958$25,250
Beechcraft 33 Debonair£20,925$25,211
CESSNA 150-G£20,750$25,000
Cessna 172L£20,543$24,750
PIPER J5A£20,335$24,500
AERONCA Chief 11-CC£18,260$22,000
Morane MS 885£17,577$21,177
AERONCA 7AC£16,600$20,000
Aeroprakt A-22£16,600$20,000
CESSNA C-140£16,600$20,000
RANS S6ES£14,940$18,000
Murphy renegade spirt£11,454$13,800
Streak Shadow£8,134$9,800
RANS S-14£6,640$8,000
Easy raider£3,500$4,217
Pegasus XL-R Microlight£2,500$3,012

* UK pounds and USA dollars have been used at a conversion rate of 0.83 USD dollars to the Pound

You can easily search by category and price visa the Advance Search. Just adjust the price slider, or click on the links below, because I made it even easier for you…

We will look at 5 aeroplanes in some depth, the Cessna 150 and 172, Piper Cherokee, Grumman and for fun, the Sonex. With exception to the Sonex these aeroplanes are rugged tried and tested, still flying safely decades after their creation and after thousands of hours in the air.

Cessna 150

The Cessna 150 is what you might consider an old version of today’s modern light-sport aircraft. Except the model is about 50 years old, and unlike modern light-sport aeroplanes, Cessna 150s are fully certified aircraft. Both for VFR and IFR flying if fully equipped. The best thing about the Cessna 150 is its affordability through low costs on purchase and maintenance, it’s also most probably the aircraft you trained on so no conversion is needed. The Cessna 150 is one of the most forgiving aeroplanes in general aviation, hence its popular use as a training aircraft. It is very reliable but slow to fly. It’s a great aeroplane to build up hours for new pilots.

  • Range: 300 Nautical Miles 
  • Cruise speed: 103 knots 
  • Useful load: 303 pounds
  • Fuel consumption: 5 gallons per hour
  • Avg Used Price: £20,000 – £24,000 but can be found for lower
  • A small two-seater aircraft
  • Tried and tested over decades
  • Back in 1958, Cessna started producing these aircraft and a few thousand are still flying today
  • Training schools use Cessna 150 to train pilots
  • One of the most forgiving aeroplanes in general aviation 
  • Most recommended
  • Low-cost aeroplane to maintain and to own
  • Almost certainly depreciated as far as it will go
  • Downside: it is considered slow by some and it will show signs of wear and tear 

Cessna 172

One of the oldest models of aeroplane still being produced today. The 172 has certainly earned its place in aviation over that last few decades. A great reliable and safe aeroplane, but with more speed, range and better useful load than the Cessna 150 with 2 more seats for the kids. Cessna 172 remains one of the most utilized training aircraft still today.

  • Range: 435 Nautical Miles 
  • Cruise speed: 115 knots 
  • Useful load: 930 pounds
  • Fuel consumption: 8 gallons per hour
  • Avg Used Price: £29,000
  • Very popular aircraft for general aviation
  • Still being produced by Cessna
  • The newest model will cost you close to £400,000
  • Early models for less than £30,000
  • Gives more options than the 150
  • Extra 2 seats
  • Just as forgiving as the 150
  • Still seen in a lot in flight schools
  • Very safe 
  • Low-cost aeroplane to maintain and to own
  • Parts are available

Piper Cherokee 140

A superb low wing aeroplane that was first introduced in the 1960s. Back then this was considered a very sporty aeroplane and still is. But what sets the piper Cherokee apart is its great handling and forgiving characteristics, and many pilots have said this is one of the easiest aircraft to land. The Piper Cherokee comes in multiple variations/models. You have the 140, 160, 180 and 235, all with different size engines and performance differences. This aeroplane is still used to train new pilots today, so like the Cessna’s you can learn in a Cherokee and buy your own for immediate flying with no conversion needed.

  • Range: 455 Nautical Miles 
  • Cruise speed: 110 knots 
  • Useful load: 900 pounds
  • Fuel consumption: 8 gallons per hour
  • Avg Used Price: $25,000
  • First introduced in the 60’s
  • Just like the Cessna, a lot are being used in flight schools today
  • Several models available
  • Different models come with different engines and HP
  • Entry-level is the 140 which is a superb low wing aircraft
  • Has its safety characteristics but is very safe 
  • Very cheap
  • Low-cost aeroplane to maintain and to own
  • $20,000 – 29,000
  • Complaints: it only has one door making escaping a potential hazard

Grumman American

The Grumman is an aircraft which looks like a tail dragger but is in fact in available in the popular trike configuration with a nose wheel. The best thing about the Grumman is not only its handling characteristics but the price. A used Grumman can be bought in today’s market for as little as $16,000. It’s not just the low purchase price but also the low maintenance cost which makes this aircraft so appealing. It uses a similar Lycoming engine as the Cessna 150, thus share some of the same performance. Except the Grumman has a much better useful load at 1007 pounds.

  • Range: 350 Nautical Miles 
  • Cruise speed: 109 knots 
  • Useful load: 1007 pounds
  • Fuel consumption: 6 gallons per hour
  • Avg Used Price: £18,000
  • Not a typical training aeroplane like the Cessna but share similar characteristics
  • Small 2 seater but a lot of options
  • Useful load
  • Small engine similar to the Cessna
  • A little bit more of performance
  • Flies a little bit longer
  • Looks better than the Cessna in some people’s opinion
  • Sporty look with a bubble canopy for great visibility
  • £18,000 -22,000 used

Sonex Waiex 

The Sonex aircraft is an amateur-built aeroplane kit to manufacture yourself or to buy one used already assembled. Sonex provides kits for several aeroplane models, which include a one-seater (Sonex Onex) and even a jet version with a V tail (SubSonex)! Amazing right, bet you didn’t think you could own your own jet? You could build your own personal single-engine jet for only $100,000. A great little aeroplane that sits two comfortably and travels at speeds north of 130 miles per hour!

  • Range: 500 Nautical Miles 
  • Cruise speed: 113 knots 
  • Useful load: 480 pounds
  • Fuel consumption: 4 gallons per hour
  • Avg Used Price: £24,000
  • Home-built
  • One of the most affordable kits on the market
  • Less than $30,000
  • Experimental aeroplane
  • Unlike the other 4 which are old, this one you can buy a newly built

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