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10 Head-Turning Aircraft for all Budgets

10 Head-Turning Aircraft for all Budgets

Have I got a treat for you today. You’re in the right place if you want to discover some incredible head turning aircraft for a range of different budgets.

That’s right. Yes, you can afford some of these aircraft. Okay. Granted, some of them, you won’t be able to. But let’s have a look at some exciting and incredible aircraft which you can buy in 2020.

So first up is the Velocity. And yes, this is an aircraft, not a spaceship. I know it looks unconventional. It is based on the Long EZ design, and actually, that has a lot of good safety features. I’ll come to that. But if you’re in the United States, hit up Velocity website in the link below and you can order one of these for just forty thousand dollars. It’s going to come in bits, a kit build. And if you’re worried about putting that together. Don’t worry. They have a range of different packages, one of which is the fast build package for ninety thousand dollars. They’ll do most of the hard work for you and shave off about 1000 hours a buil time. A great thing about the design of this aircraft is that because the elevator is at the front of it, it’s actually impossible to stall and spin the aircraft. So a great safety feature there. However, it doesn’t have flaps. So we’re going to have to make sure you’re right on it with your speed control on landing.

It is a two seater aircraft. But don’t worry if you want to take your family on holiday with you. They do do an extra large version, which will hold four people.

It’s got a cruise speed of 210 knots. And get ready for this, a G limits of plus nine, minus seven. That is fighter jet territory. It looks like a spaceship and the G load in his fighter jet territory, incredible. Range you are going to get about 1000 nautical miles out of it. What more can I say about this aircraft? It looks like a goddamn spaceship and it’s affordable. Fantastic. Great.

Up next up, we’ve got not one. Not two, but three. Three light sport aircraft or ultralight if you’re from Europe like I am. We have the Shark, the Tarragon and the Black Shape Prime. All though these aircraft looks similar, They are all tandem to seats and they are in this similar price range of 150000 U.S. dollars. You’re going to get about 1000 kilometres range out to them and they’re all doing very similar speeds. The Shark set a speed record at 163 knots back in 2015, but it looks like all three of these aircraft got very similar designs, very similar speeds. Another thing is they’re all exactly the same when it comes to G loading, which is for an ultralight, an impressive plus four G negative two. So if you want to see tandem aircraft to feel like you’re in a jet fighter, you’ve got 150 thousand dollars to spend and you want to pull a little G then these aircraft are worth considering.

These aircraft are just the tip of the iceberg of what I found. There are more coming this way. And if you do like the video, make sure you click like. That will enable me to go and bring more fun videos that give you interesting information about really cool aircraft.

Okay next is the Quickie! Yes, I am talking about an aircraft. the QAC Quickie Q2. This is an actual aircraft and is not going to break the bank. You are going to be able to pick one of these up for around about seven to ten thousand dollars if you can find one and if you can find one with all of the bits. So it’s a weird looking aircraft. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that looks quite like this. It certainly going to turn heads. You are going to get 156 knots out of it, max speed and a range of 885 kilometres. This aircraft was first flown in the 1980s, so it’s been around a while and over 2000 were built. So there are a few not go around, although when I look on the database that I hold from, there isn’t many that actually come up for sale. So it’s difficult to put a price on. But when they have come up for sale, I’ve seen them for around seven to ten thousand dollars.

This means if you’re lucky and you like it and you can actually find one, then you could pick yourself up a real head turner for an affordable price.

Next up, we’ve got the Icon A5 amphibious plane, also a push plane. And again, it looks like a spaceship. It looks cool. If this aircraft looks familiar, you might have seen it on all of the footage from the new upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, they must have some kind of contract or deal with Microsoft. This aircraft is going to set you back $270,000 for the base model with $400,000 if you want all the extras. You’ll get a range of 556 kilometres and a top speed of 104 knots. So not designed for speed, but the wings will fold up, you can fit it in your garage, put it on a trailer, fly it, landed on the water. What a toy to have, particularly if you live in the Caribbean.

If you think it’s yourself, that’s really nice. But I cannot afford it. Well, don’t worry. There is another one in development called the Vickers Wave. Same kind of design, but it’s going to be cheaper. Is projected to be $180,000 dollars. So similar kind of thing. Cheaper price Vickers Wave. Check it out.

Next stop on our crazy flying contraptions. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the Green Goblin? No, it’s the crazy French mofo on a overboard! That’s right. This is a jet powered a hoverboard. OK. Sorry you can’t buy this. But interestingly, the French military have given a one point three million euros grant to the company to develop it for the military. We are soon to be live in in the future.

So if you think in. I cannot wait for one of those. Well, don’t worry. I’ve got your back. There are some other options of crazy flying contraptions, one of which is the Jetman Wing. That’s right. Stick a Delta aerofoil to your back, put some jet engines on it, and you will get 13 minutes of sheer terror! 220 knots for the amazing price of $150,000 U.S. dollars. But what if you think that’s good and all? But I always liked Iron Man. Well, there is another company called Jet Pack Aviation, which have developed the J.B 10 and J.B. 11 jetpacks. So strap a couple of jet engines to your back and take off like Iron Man. Why the heck not? For $250,000 dollars you’ll be able to reach heights of 15000 feet and travel 120 miles an hour. The brilliant thing about this is people must be buying them because the company is actually expanding its product range. That’s right. They are bringing you the Jet Pack Aviation Speeder jump on a hoverbike and pretend you are in Blade Runner, or Star Wars.

I’m happy to make videos about any of these. Sticking with the ultralight jet theme, these SubSonic’s JSX-2 single seats can set you back $130,000 dollars. You will get a range of 660 kilometres and a cruise speed of about 240 miles an hour. This looks like a lot of fun. You are going to go like stink in a light and jet powered aircraft like this.

Okay. You ready for something that looks absolutely gorgeous, which will turn heads because of his excellence, the Swiss Excellence Risen. This is a two seat side-by-side aircraft. Gorgeous V tail. It’s gonna cost you $250,000 dollars. You are going to get a range of 2360 kilometres. So that is quite a range on it. And you’re going to be able to gain maximum speed of 170 knots. But another good thing about this is it has a G tolerance of plus 5.5 and a negative G of -3.5. It looks sleek. It certainly does look excellent. I like it.

Next, if you’re thinking. Wow. You know what? That Velocity really did look cool, but I just can’t afford it. Well, don’t worry. There is always on the used market a route for a Long EZ. Similar kind of design but tandem seating, and it’s going to set you back only around 30000 dollars. Judging by the database that we hold. But that is built because it’s on the used aircraft market. First one built and flown as in 1979. They’ve been around for quite a long time, and the range is actually pretty incredible with ease. You’re gonna get 3000, 230 kilometres if you fancy flying that far in the small cockpit. You’ll be getting a max cruise speed 106. If you want to get the most range out of it you’ll be cruising at 125 knots.

And finally, if you want to get your Top Gun Maverick on, you’ve got a load of money in the bank and you wanna have some fun. You want to buy a military turboprop training aircraft. Then check out the Diamond Dart 450 with four 495 horsepower. You’re gonna get 265 knots and a crazy range of 2800 kilometres. Now you can be able to pull some Gs +7/-4. It is a military train after all, but it is going to set you back a crazy $3.1 million dollars. But don’t worry, if you get yourself into trouble, just pull the ejection seats. Yes. As an ejection seat, just watch out for Goose in the back. We all know what happened to him.

That concludes this blog. But this is really the tip of the iceberg when it comes all the amazing aircraft that we could talk about on this channel. So if you want to see more videos and blogs like this, make sure you subscribe to the video.

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I hope you enjoyed the video. Happy flying, everybody.

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